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In Which Thea Learns Things She Never Wanted to Know - Cabin Fever [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Behind the scenes at Desperatemusic.

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In Which Thea Learns Things She Never Wanted to Know [Jun. 14th, 2007|08:52 pm]
Behind the scenes at Desperatemusic.


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Thea: ... *ewewewewewewewewewewewew*
Thea: *kneejerk reaction*
Wendla: *wanders in*
Thea: *sitting on a sofa and fiddling with the pleats of her dress*
Hanschen: *wanders in, a model of decorum and tranquility, honest*
Thea: *looks up and nose-wrinkles in his general direction*
Ernst: *waves happily to Thea* Hello!
Wendla: ... Hello, Thea.
Thea: *ohthankGod* Ernst!
Hanschen: Hallo everyone.
Thea: Hello, Wendla. Hanschen. *ew*
Hanschen: *smiles warmly at Ernst*
Wendla: *waves at Hanschen and Ernst*
Ernst: *Hanschen gets a quick kiss on the cheek so Ernst doesn't die of blushing* How is everyone?
Thea: *looks away quickly at the kiss* -- Fine.
Hanschen: Well.
Wendla: Very well. *^_^*
Ernst: That's good to hear! *hopes the girls get along this time ;_;*
Wendla: *had a talk with Thea!*
Thea: *and yet still thinks everybody hates her*
Ernst: *doesn't! :O*
Thea: *...except for Ernst*
Wendla: *doesn't!*
Hanschen: *doesn't hate her, really*
Thea: ... So.
Hanschen: *sits on a couch* So?
Wendla: So!
Ernst: ... indeed!
Thea: Did you know your friends are Sodomites?
Thea: [....*facepalm*]
Ernst: ... Ibegyourpardon?
Wendla: [ahahahaha I just got the sound of Gid in the reform scene saying that.]
Thea: Your friends. The artists.
Ernst: I -- I suppose so -- *O_O*
Wendla: Herr Mark and Herr Roger?
Wendla: What do you mean?
Wendla: *O_O*
Ernst: (Mark: ... to borrow a phrase, 'ahgod')
Thea: They're lovers.
Ernst: They're engaged to be married!
Wendla: *knows they're dating, just doesn't know how they DO IT, OMG :O*
Hanschen: - oh, they are?
Ernst: (I'm sure Hanschen will explain~)
Ernst: Oh yes -- did you not know?
Thea: .......
Thea: Married?
Thea: Is that -- possible? *o_o*
Hanschen: I did not. well, why not?
Ernst: (When I came here, I thought perhaps we'd only... talk...)
Ernst: If they're in love, then they should be able to!
Thea: But it's sinful!
Ernst: But... they're in love.
Hanschen: *frowns* Everything enjoyable is considered sinful.
Thea: They're both /men/. *has had a brainslip and is not thinking of Ernst and Hanschen right now*
Wendla: --What do you mean by /sodomite/, Thea?
Ernst: Well yes... *stares at his fingers, tugging nervously at them -- like Olive does8
Ernst: **
Thea: I man who engages in -- *vague flaily handgesture* -- /things/ with another man!
Thea: [A*]
Ernst: *mumbling* Yes, how dreadful.
Hanschen: What kind of things?
Wendla: --Things?
Ernst: *blushes*
Hanschen: *waits patiently for Thea to answer*
Thea: I -- I -- you know /exactly/ what I mean!
Hanschen: *sketchy smirk of doom* I'm afraid I don't.
Wendla: --Things-- you-- *jksfhksafhoisdh* Ohmylordthosekindsofthings?
Ernst: *gjfkag* Hanschen...
Thea: Things that only a man and a woman who are married should do!
Hanschen: Argue over tea?
Wendla: *jdshskjhd* How do they-- Thea, you don't need to be married.
Ernst: It'scomplicated -- *claps his hand over his mouth and /blushes/*
Hanschen: *purposes leans over to give Ernst a soft kiss* Not so complicated.
Wendla: *O_____________________O*
Ernst: (-- with his hand in the way? XD)
Hanschen: [...he moved it first?]
Thea: .....................
Thea: *claps her hands over her eyes and does the little foot-dance*
Wendla: Youmeanthetwoofyou--?
Ernst: (That works. XD)
Ernst: *looks like he wants to sink into the couch*
Thea: *watch as Thea's little world crumbles beneath her*
Wendla: --How is that even /possible/?
Hanschen: *glances at Ernst, a bit worried*
Ernst: Itreallydoesn'tmatter.
Thea: I -- I -- Ernst? *wibbles*
Ernst: I'msorry,Thea.
Hanschen: ... you're sorry?
Ernst: Ohno -- I don't mean it like that --
Wendla: But-- you both-- you can't-- /where/?-- ohlord.
Ernst: *hides his face in his hands*
Thea: *trying to hide her wibbling*
Hanschen: Should I explain just how?
Thea: NO -- ! */hits/ Hanschen*
Ernst: Hanschen -- !
Wendla: ......
Hanschen: ..... *just stares at her, shocked*
Ernst: ... *blinks at Thea*
Thea: I hate you! I hate you!
Ernst: Thea!
Thea: *starts crying*
Hanschen: *see, this is why we think girls are Icky*
Wendla: *O_O*
Ernst: Thea -- *tries to hug her*
Thea: *squirms*
Ernst: Thea please -- I'msosorry --
Hanschen: *stalks into the kitchen*
Thea: Let me go!
Wendla: *mildly traumatized*
Thea: [This is her logic, apparently: It's all Hanschen's fault and now Ernst is going to hell.]
Wendla: --Ernst, perhaps you should-- *gestures at the kitchen*
Thea: *pushes herself away from Ernst and flees to her room*
Ernst: ... yes. *casts one last wibbley look at Thea and goes to the kitchen* Hanschen...?
Wendla: --Well then.
Hanschen: *studiously ignoring him*
Ernst: (Ernst: *so baking brownies for Thea later*)
Ernst: Hanschen...
Ilse: *wanders in, wearing her trousers, because she /likes/ her trousers, dammit*
Wendla: *waves at her with an O_O expression*
Ilse: ... Did I miss something?
Wendla: Yes.
Ilse: What happened?
Hanschen: *fetches a glass of water*
Ernst: Hanschen please talk to me!
Wendla: Thea happened.
Ilse: Oh, dear. Again?
Hanschen: *stalks out of the kitchen*
Ilse: ... *waves at Hanschen?*
Wendla: Again.
Wendla: This time it wasn't my fault!
Ilse: Nothing to do with Melchior, then?
Wendla: Nothing!
Hanschen: *smiles at Ilse, sure*
Wendla: All to do with Ernst and Hanschen.
Ilse: Ah. *bites her lip*
Ernst: *wibbles and makes himself some hot cocoa*
Ilse: Where's Ernst?
Wendla: In the kitchen.
Wendla: --Thea hit Hanschen.
Wendla: *O_O*
Ilse: She certainly doesn't hold back.
Hanschen: It rather hurt.
Wendla: She hit me, too.
Wendla: It does hurt.
Ilse: Why did she hit you, Hanschen?
Hanschen: For kissing Ernst.
Ilse: ... Well then.
Ernst: *sniffling into his hot cocoa*
Wendla: I'm only glad she didn't hit me again.
Ilse: Were you /trying/ to scar her for life, Hanschen?
Hanschen: If I were trying to do that, I would have /demonstrated/.
Ilse: *can't help but grin* It was still cruel.
Wendla: I don't think that was why she hit you.
Wendla: You were going to explain how-- *flails a little*
Ilse: How...?
Hanschen: - oh.
Hanschen: How two men make love.
Wendla: *sjdfhsdfhsdih*
Ilse: Did she ask?
Wendla: No.
Ilse: Then why did you think she would want to know?
Hanschen: Wendla asked how.
Ilse: ... I'm going to see if Ernst is alright.
Ernst: *in ur kitchenz, drinkin ur cocoaz*
Ilse: *snap* *peeks in* -- Ernst?
Wendla: *awkwardly outside with Hanschen*
Ernst: *jumps and spills his cocoa* Oh -- h-hello, Ilse. *starts cleaning the spilt cocoa*
Ilse: Oh, Ernst... *carefully kneels and helps him*
Hanschen: *innocent smile*
Ernst: Oh no -- it's fine.
Ilse: Are you alright?
Wendla: --Why did you walk out of the kitchen on him?
Hanschen: He apologized to her.
Ernst: Of course. Yes -- of course.
Wendla: Sometimes that is all you can do with Thea.
Wendla: She has a way of making you feel terribly guilty, even if you haven't done anything wrong.
Ilse: [Thea: ....... EXCUSE ME?]
Ilse: They told me what happened with Thea.
Ernst: Oh -- well --
Ilse: You didn't do anything wrong.
Hanschen: I refuse to feel guilty.
Wendla: You shouldn't! All I mean is that it is quiter understandable that Ernst does.
Ernst: I upset Hanschen /and/ Thea.
Hanschen: He shouldn't.
Wendla: Neither should I. And yet I do.
Ilse: How did /you/ upset Hanschen?
Ernst: I'm not even sure why he's upset with me! *;__;*
Ilse: I think he's only upset with Thea. *hugs?*
Ernst: *clings to her* He won't even look at me!
Ilse: Then he's being terribly silly.
Hanschen: That's silly.
Wendla: It is, but Thea is very good at it.
Ernst: What should I do?
Ilse: Talk to him?
Ilse: And Thea, I suppose.
Ernst: I tried, he walked away!
Hanschen: *scowls*
Ilse: Assuming she ever comes back out of her room.
Ilse: -- Then that isn't your fault.
Ernst: I just -- Idon'twanthimtonotlovemeanymore.
Wendla: Hanschen. It isn't his fault.
Ilse: If he truly loves you now, it won't be so easy for him to stop.
Hanschen: If he's ashamed, then -
Wendla: Oh, he isn't! You know that.
Hanschen: He seems it.
Ernst: But I've upset him so...
Ilse: Come with me and we'll speak with him.
Ernst: ... areyousure?
Ilse: *nods and tugs on his hand*
Wendla: I'm sure he isn't.
Hanschen: *mmph*
Ernst: If you're certain...
Ilse: *leads him back out?*
Ernst: *follows ;_;*
Hanschen: *scowling*
Ilse: Hanschen?
Hanschen: Yes, Ilse?
Ilse: Talk to Ernst.
Wendla: *nodnod*
Hanschen: There is nothing to say.
Wendla: There's never nothing.
Ilse: You're being ridiculous.
Ernst: Hanschen...
Hanschen: *storms off in a huff much like certain chess boys*