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Armand can't mend things between his friends - Cabin Fever [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Armand can't mend things between his friends [Feb. 6th, 2008|12:44 pm]
Behind the scenes at Desperatemusic.


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Request: Can Gordon get a tag?

Session Start: Wed Jan 02 17:54:10 2008

Louis: And what would you hope to achieve?
Armand: They'd lock you up and save you from yourself.
Louis: It is not myself I need saving from.
Armand: No one is hunting you, Louis. *sniffs*
Louis: The wheels are set in motion.
Armand: Louis, don't do anything yet. I'm begging you. *standing next to a deck chair with a book, blanket and flashlight on it*
Gordon: *(maybe not so) conveniently walks on by, then, and pauses a bit away*
Louis: Why are you so concerned? I don't understand it.
Armand: I consider you a friend. I don't want to lose you.
Louis: I only consider what is best. *looks up, noticing someone else, and frowns*
Armand: *follows Louis' gaze and pales* Gordon, what are you doing here?
Gordon: I, er. I was just walking around.
Louis: *bristles a little at the name* I should leave.
Armand: Don't go... I'm worried for you, Louis.
Louis: Don't be.
Gordon: *bristles a bit himself now* No, I didn't -- *doesn't really /want/ to go, but* You two were talking. I'll go.
Louis: There is no need, please, stay, I shall not trouble you.
Armand: Both of you, stay put. */tries/ to sound commanding*
Louis: *gives him a slightly uncomfortable look, but doesn't leave*
Gordon: *moves a bit closer to Armand, but feels incredibly awkward, so*
Armand: Gordon, please tell him you won't tell anyone, that you haven't yet...
Gordon: Actually, to be honest it's not something I really want to talk about at all. *attempts a smile and fails*
Louis: I can understand that you must not like me. I do not blame you.
Gordon: I never said I didn't like you.
Louis: The words are not always necesarry.
Gordon: Well, you know what the say about the word assume. *:\*
Louis: No, what do they say?
Armand: *sits down again, flushing hotly*
Gordon: Nevermind. *puts his hands in his pockets*
Louis: *frowns* Why mention it and then not explain your sentiment?
Gordon: I must just be used to how things I are where I come from. Sorry. *doesn't sound very apologetic, really*
Armand: Don't tease him, Gordon. It isn't kind.
Gordon: I'm not teasing. I'm just saying.
Louis: *sighs and nods, then nods to Armand* Armand, I shall leave you. I can see when I am not welcome. I shall not bother you again.
Armand: Louis... /I/ don't want you to go. *looks pleadingly at Gordon* Say something. Apologize.
Gordon: Apologize for what? /I/ didn't do anything.
Armand: You didn't explain, and now you've offended him. *still more pleading than angry*
Louis: There is no apology needed, Armand. *sharp head turn to Gordon* Monsieur if you wish to say something about me, please just say it.
Gordon: There's nothing at all I'd like to say to you, good or bad. *shrugs*
Armand: *covers his ears and starts crying*
Louis: *looks back to Armand* Do you see what I mean? People are so quick to judge. I tried to explain, but you would have none. Now you can see it yourself.
Gordon: I'm not judging you. *sounds a bit annoyed, but, really, Armand >>> Louis, so he ignores Louis in favour of comforting Armand*
Armand: Gordon, it's his life we're talking about. For God's sake, say something to him. *through sobs*
Louis: You are, though I do not blame you for that. Armand, I wish you would shed no tears, they do not sit well on your face. Stop your worrying for me, it is misplaced.
Gordon: No, I have nothing to do with this. *to Louis* Yes, I /am/ judging you, and I'm going to keep judging you even if you turn out to be a decent enough guy. *to Armand* I'm sorry, really, but you need to do -- whatever this is -- by yourself.
Armand: Gordon, please, this is because I /told/ you.
Gordon: Well maybe if they two of you hadn't been so stupid in the first place, I wouldn't have had to have been told anything. *>:[*
Louis: That is no surprise to me. Of course you will judge me. People don't want to try and understand, though I don't blame them for it.
Louis: Monsieur please refrain from calling people stupid when you do not understand.
Armand: *stunned, draws away from both of them* *picks up his flashlight and book to sort of hide behind them*
Gordon: What's there to understand about it?
Louis: Many things. It is not as simple as all that.
Gordon: That doesn't change where it got the two of you, though, does it?
Armand: Where did it get us? I'm fine now. *looks up*
Louis: Where it got what? I do not follow you.
Gordon: Just forget it. I don't care. I'm sure I have better things to do with my time right now. I'll see you later, Armand.
Louis: *winces* There is no need for you to leave. I was on my way as it is.
Armand: *whimpers and then bites his tongue to quiet it*
Gordon: No, I interupted. I'm only too glad to leave you to it.
Armand: To what?
Louis: Sir, what do you think there is to be left to?
Gordon: *swears under his breath* Nevermind. *leaves*
Armand: *watches him go and whimpers again, without trying to stop it*
Louis: *nods to Armand* I shall not bother you again.
Armand: Oh God, not you too.
Louis: Armand, y presence if only causing you harm
Armand: No. This is my fault. All of it.
Louis: There is no fault.
Armand: Then why are you both abandoning me?
Louis: It is not abandoning.
Armand: *looks the way that Gordon went and then up at Louis* Would you care to explain your reasoning?
Louis: I might ask the same question. You are not mine to abandon.
Armand: Then it means nothing. *bitterly* Just go then. I don't care. Nobody cares. *fighting not to cry again*
Louis: You are foolish if that is what you think, Armand.
Armand: He walks away, and you are too. And as far as I know you're going to kill yourself.
Louis: It is not as easy as all that. I was never brave enough in life, I doubt I would be now.
Armand: Then please, what? Will I ever see you again?
Louis: *sighs and shakes his head* Yes, I'm sure you will. This ship is only so large.
Armand: I'm sorry, Louis. I want you to live. I want you to be happy, and know you're not... a damned monster. Until you believe that, perhaps you'll always be right about what people think.
Louis: How can I possibly believe what I know to be a lie?
Armand: *shakes his head, bewildered*
Louis: Try not to worry, please.
Armand: May as well wish to see the noonday sun. *bitterly* Just go!
Louis: I see. *nods* Very well. *and turns to leave, then*
Armand: *waits a bit and then runs off to find his sister*

Session Close: Wed Jan 02 19:55:03 2008