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Hand Touching and Awkwardness [Sep. 15th, 2007|10:01 pm]
Behind the scenes at Desperatemusic.


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<Anna> (brb, my dog just >went< out of excitement.... D:)




<Anna> (I THINK HE WAS. I went before too. BUT HE COULDN'T HANDLE THE CUTE.)

<Olive> *snuggling Rogerdad, yes*

<Anna> *Anyway* Well. Um.... I suppose I should-- um... *doesn't know what to say* Never mind.

<Georg> Don't go! *.... hgeouiwghwaotwe what did you say you idiot. He blushes furiously and looks at the table.* I mean, don't leave yet. I--haven't seen you in a while. Tell me more.. about your party! Did you have--cake?

<Anna> *surprised!* Yes! Cake and- and- cookies, again, and dancing! *giggles- oh it's a little scandalous*  I'm not very good at dancing, though.

<Georg> (I can't read the word "scandalous" without repeating it about 20 times in the voice of the Ashleys from Recess.)

<Anna> (OMG Recess. Dude. Brings back memories *teardrop*)

<Georg> *chuckles, shaking his head and grasping for a normal conversation* Why do you think I /play/ the music?

<Roger> *quietly, to Olive* You're doing okay?

<Thea> *sits somewhere, looking Displeased about Everything*

<Olive> *nods* *a bit sadly* I haven't seen my dad in about a week, though. *obviously used to this, but hoped maybe it would be different here*

<Anna> Oh! I'm sure you're more coordinated than I am! I'd prefer singing. *would go and comfort Thea, but- HAND HOLDING*

<Thea> [agh, brb]

<Roger> *mmmph* I'm sure he's - busy. Doing things.

<Georg> *It's a horrid, horrid idea but Georg is bad at not saying his horrid, horrid ideas aloud when they come up quickly. He doesn't have time to stop them before they're tumbling out of his mouth.* Perhaps we could play a duet sometime.

<Olive> *nods* I know. *he always is*

<Anna> *gasp!* Oh, you want to--! I mean, I'm not very good, but... that would be... that would be wonderful! *she wishes she could think of better words*

<Georg> (Georg is only giving me keyboard smash.)

<Roger> [Awwww!]

 <Georg> I... it... yes. Yes. *quickly downs the rest of his tea and--reaches for a cookie to occupy his mouth with something so he doesn't just keep saying yes over and over.*

<Anna> (Anna: *SNOG* >_>)

<Georg> (XDD)

<Anna> Yes. Erm. Well... *clearing throat awkwardly* I suppose I should... go... and... um... I should go.

<Roger> You know Mark and I love you, right?

<Georg> -- must you? Really? *he frowns and stands, holding slightly more firmly to her hand*

<Roger> *to Olive, yes?*

<Georg> (No, to Georg of course. Roger: Don't worry, Georg, Mark and Roger are here to ~love~ you ;D)

<Olive> *^__^s a little, though it's a bit sad* I know. I love you too. -- do you think my other dad does too?

<Thea> [Thea: OH, I'M SURE]

<Anna> I'm certain I didn't clean up >all< my mess in the kitchen. And, I was terribly excited to share, so I'm just- I need to see if I left anything!

<Anna> (Anna: thea y u so angri bb)

<Thea> [Thea: I has issues, issues, I has them]

<Roger> *sfsdfdsfd* I think he does. In his own way.

<Roger> [Roger: Why yes, Georg, come into your den of ~lurve~]

<Olive> Oh. *nods*

<Georg> Oh, well.. If you have to go... *... He bites his lip for a minute and then Makes Up His Mind. If no one /else/ in the room has a problem with it, well then. He awkwardly pulls Anna toward him and mechanically closes his arms around her, the first hug he's ever really given to a girl.*

<Thea> ...........

<Thea> .....................

<Thea> ...........................

<Thea> *jaw DROPS*

<Anna> ............................................... *also* ............................ *hugs back, very AWKWARDLY*

<Roger> *tries not to laugh at Thea, because that would be mean*

<Georg> *steps back, staring very hard at the floor*

<Anna> Umm. *kisses his cheek WHAAAT and then hurriedly makes her dramatic exit, turning as pink as her dress*

<Georg> ........................ *............ O____O*

<Thea> .........*well if she wasn't gaping before, SHE IS NOW*

<Georg> *stares at the door that Anna left from. And. Well, he must be breathing because he's still alive, but he has little brain activity to spare for anything else.*

<Georg> (*through? Whatever, prepositions.)

<Anna> *out of the room and grinning madly, feeling Very Silly*


<Thea> *....DISCREETLY*


<Georg> *broken*

<Thea> *hisses* Anna!!

<Roger> ... Georg?

<Anna> *turns around, knowing what to expect* Hullo, Thea......

<Georg> *blink* -- what? *he tries to work his mouth so it isn't so dry and turns blank eyes on Roger*

<Thea> Anna have you gone /mad/?!

<Olive> *will just sit here shyly, looking down*

<Georg> (Georg has /piano cooties/!!11!!11!)

<Anna> *seriously* Thea, I think so.

<Thea> That's -- that's -- Georg Zierchnitz!!

<Anna> I know... *<_<*

<Thea> What's come over you? Holding hands as if you were -- and he's only just -- *flails*

<Ernst> *comes back from -- uh, whereever he was and blinks at Thea*

<Roger> You okay?

<Anna> I can't explain it, Thea! It just- I can't-- But, he.... what is the matter with holding hands, anyway? *a liiiittle defensive*

<Thea> *in another room, Ernst~*

<Ernst> *oh -- nevermind then XD*

<Olive> *still here! trying to not awkwardly be in the middle of this conversation*

<Ernst> *well uh -- is there anyway XD*

<Georg> Oh, I... yes. *He sits again. And stares at the table. He can still feel her kiss lightly against his cheek.*

<Ernst> *blinks at GEORG then?* What happened -- ?

<Thea> Oh, honestly, Anna. Don't be ridiculous. You /know/ what happens!


<Georg> I-- *he mimes hugging* And then she--! *he points to his cheek and his eyes go wide*

<Thea> You'll get pregnant and DIE!

<Anna> (OH GOD)

<Georg> (XDDD)

<Thea> [... <_<]

<Ernst> ... *giggles, covering his mouth* Oh -- oh that's wonderful!

<Anna> .... What? *O__________________O*

<Ernst> (JUST LIKE WENDLA >:( )

<Roger> *helpfully or not* I thought it was cute.

<Thea> Just look what happened to Wendla!

<Georg> *Wonderful and cute are just words. This was a /kiss/. And there aren't words for it. He squeaks and reaches to pour himself some more tea.*

<Anna> Thea. *sighs* I'm not going to get... well, I'm certainly not going to... It was just a kiss on the cheek, Thea! *DD:*

<Ernst> *aaw, hugs Georg* I'm happy for you.

<Georg> (Ernst kisses Olive on the cheek and /she/ hasn't gotten pregnant or died!)

<Ernst> (SO YOU /THINK/)

<Georg> (;DDDD)

<Olive> [[ Olive: ......................... ]]

<Georg> (Roger drags Olive to Mother Schmidt...)

<Roger> [Roger: ... hahahano.]

<Olive> [[ Olive: /......................../ ]]

<Thea> Don't you remember what they teach us church? Small transgressions can lead to the greatest of sins!

<Thea> [us in*]

<Anna> (Anna:........... does this mean that Georg will get pregnant and die?!)

<Georg> *-- o_o Another hug? He kind of awkwardly hugs Ernst back, not because it's unwelcome  but because-- well, he never gets hugs, but mostly because his mind is mostly broken.* Th-thanks.

<Ernst> (... YES XD Obviously.)

<Georg> (Mpreg kills. Wear protection.)

<Anna> (Anna: I'M SORRY, GEORG)

<Thea> [No, it means he'll be a sodomite.]

<Thea> [brb again :D]

Mark [mbpquirk@] has joined #desperatemusic

X sets mode: +o Mark

<Ernst> *would kiss his cheek but that'd be awkward*

<Anna> Of course I remember! *doesn't appreciate being preached to* What was so wrong about a simply display of... of... *not affection, that sounds so... married-like* something!


<Mark> (Mark: ... I WON'T?)

<Mark> *so yes -- here? XD)

<Roger> *beams* Hey Mark!

<Olive> -- Markdad! *^___^* *goes over to hug him*

<Mark> Hey! How is everyone? *ee, hugs Olive*

<Thea> It's -- *stop making sense, Anna* -- it's just /wrong/.

<Georg> *O_O. And he drinks his tea.*

<Ernst> *-- yes, tea*

<Anna> *stubbornly* Well. I don't think so. Besides, didn't >you< kiss Melchior? *yeahhh*


<Thea> *oh. oh snap.*

<Georg> (And Ernst ;D-- Oh hay)

<Anna> *yeah bb*

<Ernst> (Lol pwned in the FACE)

<Georg> (Georg: ... *is very proud of Anna, yes* ... ^^)


<Ernst> (... the ^^ sorta looks like his hair_

<Ernst> *)

<Georg> (lololol)

<Thea> *looks somewhere between hurt and affronted* That was...different...

<Roger> *look, is behaving and not pulling Mark into a deep kiss*

<Mark> Hey Georg, you settling in okay?

<Roger> *yes, this needs to be pointed out*

<Anna> *Her expression softens and she smiles apologetically* It's... it's not >that< different. Well, it is, but, Thea, it's only a kiss!

<Mark> *discreetly kisses Roger's cheek >.>*

<Georg> *makes noises, then takes a sip of tea, a deep breath, and tries to think again* Yes, thank you.

<Thea> It's never /only/ a kiss. Kisses lead to more kisses, and -- other things -- *blushes*

<Mark> That's good.

<Anna> Thea, if you're thinking of-- well, I'm not--. *okay, pause and breathe, Anna* I'm >not< like that.

<Georg> *isn't sure how "good" everything is because he still feels rather O_O. He takes another sip and deep breath. -- that sort of makes him queasy.* Though the motion sickness is still there...

<Thea> What will come of this? *might also just not want to lose her best friend to a BOY*

<Mark> Oh -- eugh, I had that too. It's a bitch. *;_;*

<Georg> (SEX AND CANDAAAAY will come of this, clearly.)


<Anna> I... I don't know. *she sighs* I don't suppose it should change things too much. I hope. I don't think so. *nods vigorously*

<Georg> Mm. There seems to be no end of things on this ship to upset my stomach... *is only subtly referring to Anna as he stares at his lap*

<Mark> ... bad food? *blink*

<Thea> But that's just it, Anna. It changes everything.

<Anna> Well, I won't let it change everything.

<Georg> *doesn't say anything in return and instead fiddles with the end of his jacket, mind replaying the hugandkiss over and over.*


<Ernst> *touches Georg's shoulder lightly* Do you need to lie down?

<Anna> (brb!)

<Georg> *jumps slightly and looks at Ernst* I.. I wouldn't know where. To lie down, that is.

<Ernst> Oh -- do you not have a room yet?

<Thea> We'll still be best friends?

<Anna> Of course! *laughs* Is that what you're worried about?

<Georg> No... *and now he thinks of Anna and bedrooms and-- oh dear.*

<Thea> *pouts and glances away, blushing* Nooooo. *yeeeessss.*

<Ernst> Oh -- there are plenty, I'm certain!

<Anna> *hugs Thea!*

<Ernst> If you can't find one, you're free to stay with me and Hanschen. There are bunkbeds!

<Olive> [[ ... oh Ernst ]]

<Anna> (That would only be a little awkward.)


<Ernst> (LOL Y!!!)

<Georg> (XDD)

<Roger> [Hanschen: N/N!]


<Roger> ... I don't think that's a good idea, Ernst.


<Thea> *hugs back* I don't /know/ about this...

<Ernst> ... oh? *blink of innocence*

<Georg> *blinks as well since he has no idea, looking between them* It-- isn't? *D: He isn't sure about sleeping /alone/ in a new place, and one that constantly moves.*

<Anna> It will be >fine<! Georg and I... we're simply friends! *nodnodnod*

<Anna> (FOR NOW. BWAHAHAH >_>)

<Ernst> At least until he gets settled in!

<Ernst> I'll have to ask Hanschen of couse, but --

<Mark> *chokes a little* Er --

<Thea> Friends who hold hands?

<Georg> I don't really want to have to.. be /alone/...

<Anna> .....Yes?

<Thea> *Skeptical Look*

<Ernst> No, of course not! You see?

<Mark> I'm -- sure it'll be fine. *must. not. laugh.*

<Anna> Well, if anything, I'm positive that nothing will change between you and me.

<Georg> *takes a confused sip of tea and looks between Mark and Ernst* Why should it be strange?

<Ernst> *confused shrug*

<Anna> (omg I have to go in a minute DDD:)

<Georg> (DDD:)

<Olive> *sitting here. awkwardly. yes*

<Roger> *looks at Mark helplessly* Um.

<Mark> You should -- ask Hanschen first, probably.

<Mark> It's his room, too.

<Thea> I'd rather not lose you to all of this...madness. This change.

<Thea> *change is BAD*

<Anna> *tight hug!* You won't lose me, Thea! I won't let that happen, I >promise<.

<Georg> *nods glumly because that makes sense, and he pushes his cup around on its saucer* If not.. Maybe I could stay with one of you. *He glances shyly up at Mark and Roger.*

<Anna> (Anna: You can stay with me! *nodnodnod* :DDD)


<Ernst> *NO, THEY SLEEP NAKED D:* Oh -- I --

<Mark> *jgakf* Um -- *Roger! Help!*


<Thea> *sighs* I s'pose since you've /promised/.

[18:34] <Roger> *hurriedly* We've only one - I mean two beds in our room. And the floor's messy.

<Anna> (Anna: I can... curl your hair. *:DDDDD*)

<Georg> *... D: He shrinks in his seat and stares back at his tea cup.* I mean--that's alright, if you don't want... to.

<Mark> Oh yeah -- clothes and paper and stuff all over the place.

<Ernst> I'd probably be better to stay with me. *nod*

<Georg> *it's okay, no one just wants to stay with Georg, no, he gets it. It's fine, really.*

<Ernst> *IT'd

<Anna> I never break a promise! *more nodding as she releases Thea* *changing subject* Do you want to look at the pool Ernst spoke of?

<Georg> But what about Hanschen?

<Ernst> *It'd, christ

<Ernst> I'm sure he'll say yes! *:D*

<Roger> *we'll drown the bastard* Well. ...

<Ernst> *if  not, he'll tremble his lower lip at him and that usually works >.>*

<Thea> Oh -- if you'd like!

<Georg> *bites his lip carefully* I hope so... I shouldn't think he'd have any complaints. He showed me where the piano was, the other day--when I arrived.

<Ernst> Oh? That was nice of him!

<Roger> You play piano? *hopefully smile*

<Mark> Roger plays guitar!

<Anna> *grabs Thea's hand and skips off*