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In which Roger is of the Devil, and Thea Is Scarred for Life - Cabin Fever [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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In which Roger is of the Devil, and Thea Is Scarred for Life [Jun. 13th, 2007|09:09 pm]
Behind the scenes at Desperatemusic.


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Roger: *was bored and in need of Something Different, so is dressed as if he's going to perform in one of his shows, complete with leather and eyeliner*
Roger: *and guitar, of course*
April: [:D!]
April: *oh, look, someone who (assumedly) doesn't know about April's... situation!*
Thea: *hating her life*
April: *there there, everyone does. Hate your life. Oh wait...*
April: *yes this is typist being snarky via not-really-here pups*
Roger: *rockstar voice, why the hell not* Hey there.
Thea: *o_o*
April: [XD]
Roger: *flops somewhere*
April: [*tempted to bring April in, but then poor Thea would have no one to talk to, as Roger and April would probably get pretty wrapped up in their conversation*[
Thea: *sits stiffly and awkwardly*
Roger: [XD]
Roger: How are you?
Thea: Fine.
Thea: *resisting the urge to cross herself*
Roger: ... I won't eat you, I swear.
Thea: You'll /corrupt/ me.
Roger: ...how?
April: [You can deflower her with your EYES, Rog, didn't you know?]
Thea: With your dark and Satanic practices. *says this very seriously*
April: [*ded*]
Roger: [*SO DED*]
April: [Aubrey: *is too*]
Roger: With my - *sorry, Thea* What the motherfucking fuck?!?
Thea: ........ *jawdrops*
April: [LANGUAGE, Roger!]
Roger: *winces* Sorry. *means it, too, mostly*
Thea: *might start crying*
Thea: You see?!
Roger: That's - no - I'm sorry, I shouldn't have shouted - I just - /dark and satanic practices/? What? Where did you get that?
Thea: That's what they tell us in /church/!
Roger: Your church tells you that Bohos are evil?
Thea: What is a bo-ho?
Roger: Bohemian? Artists, musicians, that sort of sh - thing?
Thea: *nodnods* That is why we were never allowed to see Ilse anymore! Because she left school and ran away and became one of /them/.
Roger: *scowls* There's nothing wrong with being one.
Thea: They go to Hell.
Thea: *sorry, Roger, it's her upbringing ;_;*
Roger: Is that what you really think?
Thea: *nods*
Roger: Just for being an artist and making the world a better place.
Thea: It's against biblical doctrine.
Thea: *and this probably looks quite odd, coming out of such a cute and ickle girl's mouth*
Roger: They're wrong.
Thea: ... *o_O*
Roger: Well, they are.
Thea: Are you a ~radical~?
Roger: ... I'm just a musician.
Thea: Why do you look like the devil?
Roger: ... the devil does not wear eyeliner.
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April: [XD]
Thea: What's eyeliner?
Mark: ... what did I walk in on?
Roger: I look like the devil, apparently.
April: [U R TEH DEBIL!]
Thea: What is /eyeliner/?
Mark: If the devil looks like Roger Davis I would gladly go to a hell I'm not supposed to believe in.
April: [XD]
Thea: *blinks at Mark*
Mark: ... by which I mean hi, Roger's not the devil. No worries.
April: [*giggles*]
Thea: Of course's he not.
Thea: [...course he's*]
Roger: The stuff on my eyelids *distractedly*
Mark: The makeup he's wearing.
Thea: He is merely /of/ the devil. And if you are an artist then so are you.
Roger: Well, I am a man of wealth and taste.
Mark: You've been around for a long, long year, stole many a man's soul and faith?
Thea: ....
April: [XD]
Mark: ... so a Jewish artist would be -- twice as much from the devil? Is that how that works?
April: [April: ...can I smack her?]
Mark: (Behave yourself.)
Roger: [Roger: No, because she'll cry and I'll feel bad.]
April: [April: *sighs* Fine.]
Roger: [Roger: s:And my eyeliner will run./s:]
April: [*headdesk* Hormones.]
Roger: A gay Jewish artist, now.
Mark: Thrice damned.
April: [XD]
Thea: .........
Thea: I suppose happiness isn't a sin.
Mark: ... I'm sorry, I'm being mean. Roger -- is not the devil. He just had fun with makeup.
Thea: I never said he /was/ the devil!
Mark: Just... devilish?
Thea: /Of/ the devil.
Thea: In sin.
Thea: Unclean.
Mark: Ah -- okay. So... art is sin?
Thea: ... The lifestyle, yes.
Thea: I can't begin to imagine the things Ilse must have done.
Mark: ... I go to temple -- on high holy days.
Roger: *sorry, snickers*
Thea: *looks confused*
Mark: Shut up, I do. *gives him a Look*
Roger: Lived life, for one. *more seriously*
Mark: I'm a good Jewish boy. Mama would never forgive me for being sinful.
Thea: Lived life?
Roger: Ilse, I mean. She wasn't afraid to live. *hypocrisy, what?*
Mark: Things were different in their time, Roger.
Thea: She did /bad/ things.
Roger: Who /hasn't/?
Thea: ... Me.
Mark: ... well okay.
Thea: I've always gone to church and been good.
Mark: Well -- most everyone has done something bad in their life.
Thea: ... I've done one bad thing.
Mark: Oh yeah?
Thea: I kissed Melchior.
Mark: ... not necessarily a bad thing, but okay.
Thea: Everybody hates me because I did. *;_;*
Roger: I don't think everyone hates you.
Mark: No -- that's not true.
Thea: Either that or they avoid me because I'm a silly little girl. Ernst is the only one who...
Mark: (Ernst: :D!!!)
Mark: Who -- ?
Thea: Who cares about me.
Thea: Or listens to me or understands what I say.
Mark: He seems to be pretty good at that.
Thea: I'm very fond of him.
Roger: He's a great kid.
Mark: Good friend. *thinks he deserves a better boyfriend, but*
Roger: *definately thinks he deserves a better boyfriend*
Thea: Everybody was shocked or angry or confused when I kissed Melchior, but how was I supposed to know?!
Mark: (Ernst: Oh -- ;_;)
Mark: They didn't tell you?
Thea: No! They treated me like a child! I only found out because I walked in and they were /kissing/ -- *sdkfhak doesn't want to start crying again for bajillionth time*
Mark: That's pretty shitty of them. *-- hugs?*
Thea: *stiffens a little, because wtfBohohug*
Roger: .... that sucks.
Mark: ... sorry. *detatches8
Thea: You don't think I'm being silly? For feeling upset?
Roger: No!
Mark: Not at all.
April: [Aw, Thea gets validation.]
Thea: Then why are they angry at /me/?
Thea: *can't forget Moritz's cold greeting from last night, apparently*
Mark: They're being stupid.
Roger: *would hug her, but - SPAWN OF THE DEVIL AND ALL*
Thea: *rubs quickly at her eyes*
Mark: *digs in his pocket and finds a handkerchief* Here -- *hands it over*
Thea: Th-thank you -- *blushes*
Roger: *smiles at Mark*
Thea: All I've done on this ship is cry.
Mark: I know the feeling.
Roger: *nng* Yeah, me too.
Thea: Why were you crying?
Mark: One reason or another... *kisses Roger's cheek*
Thea: ...... *o_O*
Roger: *slings an arm around Mark*
Thea: *o__________o*
Roger: ... what?
Thea: Are you Sodomites?
Mark: (... Thea's Pearl? XD)
April: [XD]
Thea: [Apparently so]
Mark: -- *chokes*
Roger: [this log needs to be posted. XD]
Roger: ... *dipkisses Mark*
Thea: [It rly does]
Mark: *... squeaks, but wraps his arms around Roger's neck*
Roger: *is a bad, bad man* It's between God and me.
Roger: - and Mark.
Mark: ... *smacks Roger lightly on the cheek*
Thea: Ishouldn'tbespeakingwithyou!
April: *wanders in pregnantly and takes in the scene* ....Roger, stop scaring the little German girl.
Roger: It's /not/ catching!
Thea: [win]
April: [XD]
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April: [XD It's an influx]
Mark: It's not, I promise. ... though you should probably let me go now, Rog.
Thea: It's /sinful/!
April: *smiles at Thea* Many things are. You're Thea, right?
Roger: No.
MoritzStiefel: *look, it's a Moritz*
Roger: *waves at Melchi and Moritz*
Mark: *waves at them too, dying of blushing*
Melchior: *waves back and flops onna couch*
Thea: Y-yes, I am.
MoritzStiefel: ....Do I want to know?
MoritzStiefel: *and will flop on Melchi, since Wendla's not around*
Mark: (Roger just dipkissed Mark and hasn't let him go yet. XD)
April: Don't let them bother you too much. They're idiots.
Thea: They're of the devil!
MoritzStiefel: ...*amusion*
April: ...That's one of the more accurate ways of describing Roger. *grins at him*
Roger: ...ouch, April. *pouts at her*
Mark: Rog -- leggo -- *tries to squirm away*
Thea: ... *sees Melchior and visibly wilts*
Roger: *sighs and sets Mark free*
April: *blows him a kiss* *to Thea* Honey, you've got to realize one very important thing: the devil doesn't give a shit. Everything bad thing humanity blames on the devil is just humanity being depraved. They are in love, however, and love is beautiful. Ergo, not of the devil in EITHER sense of the term.
Melchior: *flopped on!*
Melchior: The church goes out of its way to frighten people for no good reason anyway.
MoritzStiefel: Mmhm.
Mark: I'm so glad I had a cool rabbi. Roger, don't make me kick you.
Thea: I'm not /frightened/.
April: You boys are very smart.
Roger: ... I let you go!
April: Yes you are. You're afraid you're going to be "corrupted" if you hang around people like Ilse and Roger and Mark.
Thea: Because it's /true/.
MoritzStiefel: ....
MoritzStiefel: ...*dry* And me, I suppose, as well?
April: No it's not.
Thea: *blinks at Moritz* No. You aren't an artist.
Mark: (-- I'm sorry, his typist missed that, I lose. XD)
Mark: *set free and thus didn't threaten to kick Roger*
MoritzStiefel: *very, very, drily* No, but I'm the shame of my family and a disappointment. Also, my best friend's a dangerous radical.
Roger: *Roger deserves the threat anyway, really*
Thea: Melchior isn't dangerous!
Mark: Neither is Roger, really.
April: Or Mark.
Melchior: Funny. They certainly thought so at home.
Melchior: Enough to send me to a reformatory.
Roger: *just frowns*
Thea: Well they were /wrong/, you're a /nice boy/.
MoritzStiefel: I don't see why Ilse's not nice.
Mark: Ilse seems nice.
Roger: She's sweet.
April: Ilse's nice. Mark's nice. Roger's nice.
Thea: Ilse is nice. She's just done bad things and that's why we could never see her anymore.
April: I'm nice, but I'm not an artist.
MoritzStiefel: She's -wonderful-.
MoritzStiefel: --And she hasn't done bad things.
Melchior: Ilse hasn't done anything wrong.
Roger: You're still one of us, April.
April: Still not an artist. *smiles*
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